Lady Gaga Vs Adele : Born This Way vs 21

These two albums undeniably The BEST SELLING ALBUM of this year, but which albums sold higher ?Which albums contain hit singles? How many singles they have sold with their albums.

Lady Gaga without a doubt is the Most Popular pop singer today. Beside wearing weird and bitchy or slutty outfit, or making controversial music videos. Actually she's good in music too...Her music is equal with her videos in term of controversial content...As for Adele, she's like the new Amy Winehouse but minus the drug issue and personally, I think Adele is better than Amy in term of music. In and era where everybody wants to dance to electro pop. Adele emerges with her conservative look and soul kind of music that set her apart from her contemporaries. Still, she manages to prove to critics and label, that in  era where everybody is using autotune, she still manages to sell. Currently both albums are battling heavily on the chart.Now lets take a look...........


Gaga: 1.11 milion copies sold (Billboard Hot 100)
Adele: 0.35 million copies sold (Billboard Hot 100)


Gaga :US- 1.6 million copies, UK- 0.41 million copies, Aus- 0.2 million copies, Can- 0.3 million copies
Adele: US- 3.0 million copies, UK- 3.0 million copies,  Aus-  0.6 million copies, Can- 0.5 million copies


Gaga: 5 million copies
Adele: 8 million copies

Singles sales (US only)


Born This Way- 3 million copies/download
Judas- 0.73 million copies/download
The Edge Of Glory- 1 million copies/download
You And I- 0.5 Million copies/download (As for September)

Total sales (US)- 5.33 million copies/download sold.


Rolling In The Deep- 5 million copies/download
Someone Like You- 0.5 million copies

Total sales (US)- 5.5 million copies

Ps: Overall, its clearly that Adele is the winner. Gaga might had the biggest opening sales and as for now already released 4 singles.But Adele, with only 2 singles released shes already KICK off gaga ASS OFF the chart. She rules the chart in major market. For example, in US her album almost sold twice higher than Gaga's Born This Way despite Gaga had the biggest opening sales (above 1 million copies). In UK, Gaga only went Platinum (for shipment above 300,000 units) but Adele went DIAMOND (10xPlatinum). In term of Worldwide sales, Adele outsold Gaga by a huge margin. In term of singles sales, despite having 3 top ten singles which one of it is number ONE, Gaga total singles sales still below Adele total singles sales. With only 2 singles released, Adele sold more than 5 million copies which 99% of it came from Rolling In The Deep. Thus, we can clearly said that Adele is INDEED the BEST SELLING ARTIST OF 2011......sorry Gaga you're OUTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

another PS: Adele don't need weird outfits, expensive music video and over the top stage set in order to sell her MUSIC...She only eqquipped with one thing...HER VOICE...Now its quite relieved to now that FINALLY talent had once again OVERCOME...U know what I mean....(Juz don't wanna be BITCHY)


  1. actually, GaGa can sing better that adele

  2. well its down to personal opinion...


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